Reducing and reusing plastic in Tesco Lotus

We take the sustainability of our products and packaging very seriously and always consider the impact of our business on the environment.

In December 2019, Tesco Lotus announced it will stop using plastic straws in all 2,000 stores across Thailand, with the update coinciding with Thai Environment Day on Wednesday 4 December. At our Express stores, paper straws will be available upon request, but large stores will stop distributing plastic straws altogether.

Salinla Seehaphan, Corporate Affairs Director, Tesco Lotus, said:

“Our target is to create a closed-loop packaging system by reducing usage, redesigning where possible, reusing where we can, putting packaging back into the system, and recycling as much as possible.”

Aside from reducing usage of plastic straws, Tesco Lotus ran a plastic straw retrieval campaign in September 2019, inviting customers and the public to donate clean, used and unused plastic straws to be made into pillows for bedridden patients across Thailand. More than one million straws have so far been retrieved and repurposed.

Tesco Lotus plans to introduce other initiatives to help protect the environment. For example, the business has collaborated with SCG Packaging to recycle plastic bottles from 14 reverse vending machines installed at Tesco Lotus stores. The initiative is in line with Tesco Group’s target to create a closed-loop packaging system and SCG’s Circular Economy policy.

Each shopping tote, priced at 99 baht (approximately £2.50), is made from seven plastic bottles. The totes are available at 20 Tesco Lotus hypermarkets and all sales proceeds will be donated to the Tesco for Thais Foundation to use in charitable causes involving the environment.

For more information on our packaging approach, see how our business is practising sustainability.

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