Supporting the Rainforest Alliance

We want to give our customers peace of mind that the products they buy from us are produced to high ethical and environmental standards.

Tesco and the Rainforest Alliance have been working together for many years. We share commitments to support farming communities globally, increase farmers’ and workers’ incomes, and preserve wildlife.

The Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard is used to certify farms and producer groups. It ensures that farms meet comprehensive ethical and environmental requirements including: biodiversity conservation, improved livelihoods and human well-being, natural resource conservation and effective planning and farm management systems.

These comprehensive standards and traceability systems mean that products or ingredients bearing the green frog seal can be traced back to well-managed farms that protect workers, wildlife, and communities. Tesco is proud to source a number of Rainforest Alliance products including bananas, tea, coffee and cocoa.

This month the Rainforest Alliance has launched a new certification seal, which will be used on product packaging from September onwards. The phased introduction of the new seal comes at the same time that Rainforest Alliance is transitioning to a newly updated standard. The new and improved standard encourages producers to make further progress and includes strengthened requirements on living wage, gender equality and biodiversity.

As well as ensuring decent working conditions and environmental requirements are met in our supply chains, we use independent certifications like the Rainforest Alliance to help raise awareness with customers about how the choices they make can have a positive impact.

In addition to certification, we work with a large number of stakeholders including suppliers, other retailers, trade unions, NGOs, governments and other industry experts to share learnings and work together to overcome more systemic challenges. Our work focuses on the four themes; forced labour, sustainable livelihoods, gender and worker representation. Find out more information here.

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