Tesco Lotus holds its first food waste conference

At Tesco, we have no time for waste. In September 2019, Tesco Lotus became the first retailer in Thailand to track and publish its food waste data, joining the wider Tesco Group in driving progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target to halve global food waste by 2030.

To encourage food waste reduction at a national level, Tesco Lotus hosted the Thailand Annual Conference on Food Waste in November 2019, together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and the Thai Chamber of Commerce. At the event, Tesco Lotus proposed that the public and private sectors adopt the framework of ‘Target, Measure, Act’ which encourages businesses to set a food waste reduction target, measure and report in a consistent way and take action to reduce food waste in their business and from their suppliers and consumers.

Among the 250 guests in attendance were government members, academics and NGOs with the aim of working together to solve the food waste crisis. The Thai Chamber of Commerce pledged its commitment to drive food waste reduction and create a closed-loop by working with its extensive network of more than 120,000 members. It was also an opportunity to share learnings and drive collaboration between operators and organisations within the food chain, including food manufacturers, retailers, hotels, restaurants and households.

Sompong Rungnirattisai, Chief Executive Officer at Tesco Lotus, said:

“As a food retailer, it’s our responsibility to reduce food waste within our own operations. More importantly, we can also play a key role in reducing food losses and waste throughout the food chain in Thailand thanks to our unique position, linking growers, food manufacturers, restaurant operators and consumers.”

In 2017, Tesco Lotus announced its commitment to lead in the fight against food waste in Thailand, starting with its own retail operations, supply chains and in customers’ homes. The business also began donating edible surplus food from its hypermarkets in Bangkok in the same year and has continued to expand its efforts to reduce food waste.

See how our business is tackling food waste across our operations.


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